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Client Accolades

Our clients love us because we get it and we’re different.  Here are some clients we’ve had the pleasure of doing business with and what they have to say about us.

  • As a startup, a legal misstep can steal your most precious resource: time. Meyer Law has been a reliable resource for our team, and has helped assured forward progress to our business goals.

    Co-Founder, WatchTower
  •  The work Meyer Law does is incredible!  As a first time business owner, it has been nice to have lawyers that make me feel comfortable and are willing to teach me along the way.  It helps that they work with a number of other companies going through the same processes that I do with Helper Helper and Meyer Law really feels part of our team.

    President + Founder, Helper Helper LLC
  • Working with Meyer Law was such an easy and smooth process for something that could have been very complex.  We loved using the amazing team at Meyer Law because they took what limited information and knowledge we had on the subject and turned it into an amazing contract that both parties were very happy with.  Being a creative company, we quite frequently are challenged with how to protect our creativity.  Not only did one person help us, but the whole team at Meyer Law.  Thanks for making us look good and keeping us protected.

    Founder/Sound Designer, NoiseFloor
  • Meyer law puts me at ease when doing deals.  I know for a fact that at the end of the day, Meyer Law will let me know of all my potential pitfalls and will push for important advantages in my favor.  Through Meyer Law we were able to easily negotiate and do business with developers, investors, and other lawyers through their laid back, but stern and knowledgeable approach.  I'd recommend for startups and experienced businesspeople alike.

    Founder, Styleteq
  • Meyer Law has been a great resource for the Storyboard team.  They have been with us every step of the way from establishing our corporation to equity agreements for oncoming investors.

    Co-Founder, StoryBoard
  • There are countless moving parts to launching a new startup & there are vital legal implications to every aspect of a new tech platform. Meyer Law was instrumental in providing the invaluable legal advice that clarified complex issues that effectively influenced the way we shaped our mobile platform and drove us to redesign certain aspects of merchant transactions & consumer interactions within our app. An attorney is the first line of defense against the unknown variables involved with launching a company, you need someone with the experience, breadth & depth of knowledge to help you navigate through these issues. We certainly look forward to continuing our relationship with Meyer Law as we grow as a company.

    Founder, TagAbout
  • Meyer Law is Jammber's go-to firm. Not only are they extremely effective and thorough, but their responsiveness and speed are traits we have learned to rely on. Meyer Law distinguishes themselves with their commitment and knowledge regarding venture-backed startups, especially how to best protect all parties involved and understanding downstream impact. These qualities are invaluable. They have a reputation for hiring only the best, and we have seen nothing to the contrary. Jammber is proud to say it has been a pleasure to work with Meyer Law.

    CEO/Co-Founder, Jammber Inc.
  • Hire Meyer Law. I could not be happier with the help and guidance Tricia, Melody and their team have provided me over the last three years. As the owner of two small businesses, their excellent advice, clear communication, and honest pricing have made the legal aspects of my obligations easy and enjoyable. (Yes, they are that good.) They are my advocate and they are committed to understanding where I am headed and how they can best facilitate my success. This is exactly what a small business owner needs. Do yourself and your business a favor, hire Meyer Law today.

    Founder, See Jake and Jane Train, LLC
  • We have been really impressed by how thorough, thoughtful, and speedy Meyer Law has been with all of our contracts.  We recommend them to fellow founders whenever we can!

    Founder, Pearachute
  • Over the past 5 years, we have had the great pleasure of working with Meyer Law with two different startups, Deck5 Software and Windy City Lab. Meyer Law, in our view, is the perfect firm for us. Tricia is generous with office hours at 1871, she and her team promptly responds to requests and provides very reasonable rates for our cash strapped startups. If your bootstrapping and need accurate and timely legal services, Meyer Law is the way to go!

    Co-Founders, Windy City Lab LLC
  • Meyer Law was able to offer us prompt advice that was right on target and within budget. Their focus on customer service is refreshing and has enabled us to move forward on a firm legal footing.

    Leipzig Group
  • It is truly a pleasure working with Meyer Law. Their lawyers are a refreshing change from the lawyers we have worked with in the past. Not only are they responsive, fast and sharp legal minds, but they also take a genuine and tangible interest in the growth and success of our company. In Meyer Law, we have found a dedicated partner on whom we have the utmost confidence to rely for all of our legal needs.

    Interactive H2O
  • I really enjoyed working with the Meyer Law Group. They were upfront about their hours, and when they said a contract would take 2 hours of work, it did. That was really important to my startup, and I will continue to use them because of the quality, as well as pricing.

  • Since being introduce to Meyer Law, I haven't looked back. Of the handful of legal firms I have consulted in my nearly two decades of owning and selling technology and consulting companies, one professional and firm has emerged that has truly earned my respect. My calls are returned promptly and I have been provided exceptional legal advice from day one. Meyer Law is affordable and collaborates on a very personal level. [The Meyer Law attorney we're working with] possesses a quick intellect and she has the ability to promptly work through complex business and legal issues.

    Netsphere Strategies
  • [The Meyer Law attorney working with us] is extremely client focused and invests time in understanding our business and our unique needs. She is knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. She is efficient, has a great business acumen and sees deals through to completion. She is well versed in explaining the risks associated with complex contract terms, which allows our executives to make informed decisions. I am very pleased with the quality, attentiveness and responsiveness of her services and would recommend [Meyer Law] without reservation.

    Model Metrics, Inc.
  • As the CEO and majority owner of a start up corporation with expansive national and international business, a strong legal relationship was pertinent to the success of my business. Meyer Law was highly recommended and came with a vast amount of experience within the field of IT as well as familiarity with counsel necessary for both software development and growing organizations. Meyer Law has been extremely professional, easy to work with, and knowledgeable. They have exceeded my expectations and have helped in the development of our business. I will continue to work with Meyer Law and highly recommend Meyer Law.

    Percipia Networks
  • Working with Meyer Law is an incredible experience. Not only is [the Meyer Law attorney we work with] very skilled in her legal knowledge, she stays on top of the changes in the technology legal arena and raised issues I was not aware we needed to address. Meyer Law is cost-effective, worked within my timeframe and met my goals. [The Meyer Law attorney] we are working with is the perfect attorney for growing technology business. I would highly recommend Meyer Law.

    The Legal Balance
  • [The Meyer Law attorney] working with us has done an amazing job of assisting our business with all of its legal needs. [The Meyer Law attorney] has spent the personal time on our projects, leveraging her deep corporate experience. I know that when Meyer Law does work for us, they are doing what is best for our company and doing it at the very best level — not just to add billable hours. I cannot recommend Meyer Law enough.

    SilverFox Broadband
  • After my last meeting with Meyer Law I exclaimed, "well that was easy!" Yes, working with her is so painless you'll forget you're in front of an attorney. It felt more like working with a partner. I was looking for someone who understands the fast-paced start-up environment, someone direct and friendly, who could help us with contracts that would protect us yet be simple and flexible and not scare away potential customers. Meyer Law is all that and more. She helped us with language that is based on our specific needs and that addresses our challenges and experiences. She's straight forward, a great listener and very accessible.

    Lightspan Digital
  • Working with Meyer Law has been the best decision our company ever made. [The Meyer Law attorney working with us] makes sure that even the smallest of details are never overlooked. This commitment to perfection helped protect us when the unthinkable happened. We will never negotiate a contract, assess an opportunity, or sign a deal without [The Meyer Law attorney we are working with]!

  • Meyer Law separate themselves from other law firms by explaining your options in simple terms, getting your feedback and then providing their recommendations. They listen to you and connect the dots. While this sounds simple, it isn't. As an entrepreneur, getting in front of the right people is essential to success and Meyer Law goes out of their way to help.

    Fiscal Fin
  • We've worked with Meyer Law for some special contracts. They are so thorough and fast! Thanks to the great team over there for making legal work feel effortless.

  • Meyer Law and [the attorney we're working with] are outstanding. Having worked with dozens on attorneys throughout my experience in entrepreneurship, and having a law degree myself, I can't describe just how professional, smart and on point [the Meyer Law attorney we're working with] is with each and every matter in my business. Beyond all the business brilliance, she's incredibly easy to work with and a hoot to boot! I can't recommend hiring Meyer Law enough for your legal needs.

    Founding Moms & The Founding Toolkit
  • Meyer Law has proven to be a great fit for Deck5. We've worked with a number of attorneys over the years and the things that really set Meyer Law apart are their personal touch, their scrappiness and their commitment to our success. It's been a pleasure to work with their team.

    deck5 Software, Inc.
  • [The Meyer Law attorney we work with] has been an invaluable advisor to She skillfully led us through our first customer engagement process and ensured we had all of the right concerns covered from a legal and business perspective and continues to be a much needed source of wisdom in ongoing work.

  • Meyer Law has played an integral role in our legal function since 2011, covering corporate, commercial and real estate transactions. As a technology managed services provider to the financial services industry, our customer contracts are of critical importance. Meyer Law has a deep understanding of our business and our culture that's exhibited each time they represent our firm. Meyer Law provides personal attention to detail, quick turnaround and commitment to quality which has eliminated our need for in-house counsel. I would highly recommend Meyer Law for companies of all sizes looking to reduce overhead expense and improve the quality of their legal function.

    FFastFill, Inc.