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Having a corporate lawyer provide guidance as you start, scale and grow your business is essential. The corporate lawyers at Meyer Law have years of experience counseling technology companies from startups to emerging growth companies to mid-sized businesses on corporate formation, stock or equity grants, conversion from a limited liability company to a corporation, new product launches, international expansion, and more. From explaining the different entity types you can choose for your new business to drafting documents to grant ownership in your fast-growing tech company to advising on how to restructure your business in anticipation for investment, we can help!

“Hands-down the BEST decision that I have made in the formation of my company was jumping on board with Meyer Law from day 1!”

Steve Whittington
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Founder + CEO,
LifeWorking Enterprise, LLC

The team at Meyer Law has helped LifeWorking Enterprises as an outsourced General Counsel with 60+ matters including corporate guidance and structure, day-to-day contract negotiations, lease negotiations, strategic partnerships, trademarks, intellectual property protection, legal strategy, preparing for investment and fundraising, and more.

Our Corporate Law Practice

For startups and scaling companies, having a corporate lawyer on your team is essential to ensure that your business is structured properly and you’re complying with any corporate requirements.

The business lawyers at Meyer Law have decades of experience advising startups and fast-growing technology companies on corporate matters, such as entity selection, conversion from a limited liability company to a corporation, foreign qualification, complex shareholder agreements, and more.

We believe in fee transparency and provide estimates in advance. We provide services on a fixed-fee or hourly basis, and offer various fixed-fee packages for startups, fixed fee packages for scaling companies, general counsel packages and in-house counsel packages.

Corporate matters we help our clients with include:

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Whether you’re a new founder of a startup trying to figure out whether to set up a limited liability company or corporation, or you want to grant equity to your developer in exchange for developing your product, the business lawyers at Meyer Law can help ensure that you’re setting your company up for success. Our corporate lawyers have counseled thousands of businesses on corporate matters and can provide strategic legal guidance and assistance. Having the right legal partner will give you peace of mind and save you time so that you can focus on building your product and brand.

Growing Companies & Small Businesses

If you’re scaling your company or have a small business, it’s essential to have an experienced business lawyer to help guide you through the day-to-day of your business. From keeping your cap table up-to-date to complying with annual requirements to drafting complex shareholder agreements, there are many ways the team at Meyer Law can help. There are many challenges you will face scaling and maintaining your business, so it’s important that you have the right partner so that you don’t set yourself up to make unnecessary mistakes.

Mid-sized Businesses

As you grow your business, the corporate structure can get more complicated.  From equity or stock grants to establishing additional entities for product lines or international expansion to dealing with a departing shareholder, you will likely need guidance from a corporate perspective.  It’s important to have legal counsel that works with businesses like yours to help guide you along the way and help you sort through all options. This will help ensure you’re making informed decision, documenting everything properly and, more importantly, it allows you to focus on your business.

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