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Having a corporate lawyer provide guidance as you scale and grow your business is essential. The corporate lawyers at Meyer Law have years of experience counseling technology companies from startups to emerging growth companies to mid-sized businesses on corporate formation, stock or equity grants, conversion from limited liability company to corporation, and more. From selecting the type of entity for your new business to granting ownership in your fast-growing tech company to restructuring your business in anticipation for investment, we can help!

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Here’s how the team at Meyer Law can help you with corporate matters:

Startups & Small Businesses

Whether you’re a new founder of a startup trying to figure out whether to set up a limited liability company or corporation, or you want to grant equity to your developer in exchange for creating your product, the business lawyers at Meyer Law can help ensure that you’re setting your company up for success. Our corporate lawyers have counseled hundreds of businesses on corporate structure and can provide strategic legal guidance based on anticipated goals.

Scaling & Mid-Sized Businesses

As a scaling or mid-sized business, having an experienced business lawyer to help guide you through the day-to-day of your business is essential. From keeping your cap table up-to-date to complying with annual requirements to drafting complex shareholder agreements, there are many ways the team at Meyer Law can help. There are many challenges you will face scaling your business, so it’s important that you don’t set yourself up to make unnecessary mistakes.

Our Corporate Law Practice

For startups and scaling companies, having a corporate lawyer on your team is essential to ensure that your business is structured properly and you’re complying with any corporate requirements.

The business lawyers at Meyer Law have decades of experience advising startups and fast-growing technology companies on corporate matters, such as entity selection, conversion from a limited liability company to a corporation, foreign qualification, complex shareholder agreements, and more.

We believe in fee transparency and provide services on a fixed-fee or hourly basis, or with a general counsel package or in-house counsel package

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Business Lawyers for Emerging Growth Companies

Do you need an initial consultation and audit to determine what you may or may not need from a corporate perspective for your growing business? Or do you need help negotiating a complex shareholder agreement for your SaaS company? Regardless of your specific needs, it’s essential that you have experienced business lawyers to help you. It’s important to keep up with corporate requirements to avoid taking on unwanted personal liability and make sure you have legal counsel that works with businesses to guide you along the way.

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The experienced corporate lawyers at Meyer Law can help make sure that you’re making informed decisions and protecting your company.

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