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Corporate & Securities Lawyers for Businesses and Investors

From a company standpoint, it’s essential to have an experienced legal team as you scale and grow and bring on investors. From understanding the various mechanisms used to raise money to the pros and the cons, the team at Meyer Law can counsel you on friends and family rounds, seed rounds, Series A, Series B, and beyond. We can perform legal due diligence to ensure you have the proper protections and documents in place before seeking investment, help you prepare the appropriate documentation for your investors, and assist with post-closing clean-up.  Or, if you’re planning on acquiring a business or merging two businesses, the team at Meyer Law a can provide counsel on structure, due diligence and draft the related transaction documents.

From an investor standpoint, it’s essential to do due diligence prior to investing and ensure you have the proper protections in place when investing in a company. The team at Meyer Law helps investors with due diligence review, drafting related investment documents, and general guidance with respect to investments in early stage and scaling companies.

“Meyer Law has been a great legal resource for us, sometimes pointing out gaps in our documents that other attorneys had missed!”

Managing Partner at Rockies Venture Fund, Pandemic Impact Fund and Rockies Venture Club

Peter Adams
Rockies Venture Fund

Fundraising, Mergers & Acquisitions

Our business lawyers have assisted and advised thousands of startups, small businesses, growing companies and mid-sized businesses. Our team can help you with due diligence to get investment ready, provide fundraising guidance and help ensure the legal aspect of your business is in order.  Our business lawyers help companies with fundraising rounds of every kind, including a small friends and family round, seed round, Series A and beyond.  

We also counsel businesses in merger and acquisition transactions such as buying or selling a company, advising on creative structures, leading due diligence, documenting complex transactions, and more.  We also assist investors with due diligence for investments and draft related documentation for syndicates and funds.  

We believe in fee transparency and provide estimates in advance. We provide services on a fixed-fee or hourly basis, and offer various fixed-fee packages for startups, fixed fee packages for scaling companies, general counsel packages and in-house counsel packages.

Fundraising, merger & acquisition matters we help our clients with include:

We help companies with fundraising, mergers and acquisitions and investors with investment in startup and growing businesses.


If you’re thinking about buying or selling a business, there are many considerations to account for and important terms to include in the buy-sell agreement. From confirming ownership of intellectual property to ensuring measures have been taken to protect confidential information to making certain contracts don’t include loopholes, we believe a comprehensive review is necessary from a legal, financial and business perspective. Our lawyers help companies with due diligence and assessing risks for mergers and acquisitions, have reviewed thousands of contracts, and can summarize difficult concepts to help executives make informed decisions.


As an investor, it’s important to understand the risks involved with making an investment and ensure you have the necessary protections and rights. The business lawyers at Meyer Law have years of experience advising investors on fundraising and investments from convertible notes to subscription agreements to stock purchase agreements and more. An experienced legal team is essential to ensure you are making informed decisions and properly documenting the investment.

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