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Meyer Law is an award-winning, innovative law firm helping technology companies of all sizes from startups to large corporations across the United States with corporate, contract, employment, fundraising, intellectual property, privacy and data protection matters. With experienced, business-minded attorneys, transparent practices, and a client-centric partnership approach, Meyer Law is a leader in the next generation of legal services and is paving the way for the future of law firms as one of the fastest growing law firms in the country.

We’re passionate about helping businesses succeed.

Our team has helped hundreds of companies from startups that have been featured on Shark Tank to fast-growing companies on the Inc.500 to some of the largest companies in the world, and mentored thousands of technology companies at incubators and accelerators across the United States.

Learn why our clients love working with us, here.

Meyer Law’s lawyers are a refreshing change from the lawyers we have worked with in the past. Not only are they responsive, fast and sharp legal minds, but they also take a genuine and tangible interest in the growth and success of our company.

- Co-Founder, AdSHIFT

Meyer Law is Jammber's go-to firm. Not only are they extremely effective and thorough, but their responsiveness and speed are traits we have learned to rely on. Meyer Law distinguishes themselves with their commitment and knowledge regarding venture-backed startups.

- CEO/Co-Founder, Jammber Inc.

We have been really impressed by how thorough, thoughtful, and speedy Meyer Law has been with all of our contracts. We recommend them to fellow founders whenever we can!

- Founder, Pearachute.

The work Meyer Law does is incredible! As a first time business owner, it's been nice to have lawyers that make me feel comfortable and are willing to teach me along the way. It helps that they work with a number of other companies going through the same processes that I do with Helper Helper.

- President and Founder, Helper Helper

The things that really set Meyer Law apart are their personal touch, their scrappiness and their commitment to our success.

- President and Founder, Helper Helper

Meyer Law is extremely client focused and invests time in understanding our business and our unique needs.

- COO, Model Metrics

I was looking for someone who understands the fast-paced start-up environment, someone direct and friendly, who could help us with contracts that would protect us yet be simple and flexible and not scare away potential customers.

- President & Founder, Lightspan Digital

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Entrepreneurs and startups, our team will work closely with you to help you as you establish and grow your business. From setting up the right entity type to ensuring you have your founders documents in order to protecting your intellectual property, negotiating customer contracts and making your first hires, the lawyers at Meyer Law can help. Our early-stage clients appreciate our speed, entrepreneurial lawyers, fixed fee packages and transparent approach. Request a complimentary roadmap so that you can learn what you need, why you need it and when you need it.

Emerging growth companies and small businesses, our team will be there by your side day-to-day to help you avoid making mistakes and determine a path forward when you hit roadblocks. Prior to scaling, it is so important to ensure you have solid contracts in place across all areas of your business to help prevent costly situations as you scale and grow. Our team has helped hundreds of companies with contract negotiations, corporate re-structuring, employee handbooks and policies, sales compensation plans, sales channel agreements, fundraising, due diligence, privacy compliance, legal strategy, and more.  Our fast-growing clients appreciate our emerging growth packages, consistent support and experience helping move businesses forward.

Mid-sized companies, our team can act as your outsourced General Counsel, helping you with contract negotiations, streamlining operations, templates and processes, employment issues, privacy compliance, corporate restructuring, and more. If you have a General Counsel or a small legal team, we can assist your team on-demand in times of need. Midsized companies appreciate our responsiveness, General Counsel Packages and In-House Counsel Packages and ongoing support to drive matters forward.

Large corporations, our team can help move the business ahead and alleviate the stress on in-house counsel by assisting with complex matters on a case-by-case basis or more routine matters on a continuous basis with an In-House Counsel package. Our team has years of experience helping legal teams at large corporations with contract negotiations in the United States and abroad, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, streamlining templates, processes, and more. In-House Counsel at large corporations appreciate our fast turn-around time, decades of experience negotiating on behalf of and against the largest corporations in the world and our ability to come up with creative solutions for complex situations.

With our entrepreneurial-mindset, depth and experience, we are uniquely positioned to provide counsel on business law-related matters to startups, scaling companies and large corporations alike, providing real-world advice to help our clients make informed decisions. Our years of experience combined with our responsiveness and speed, make Meyer Law an ideal partner.

We counsel businesses in cities across the United States, including Chicago, Los AngelesDenver, Boulder, San Francisco, New York, Austin, and more.

Request a roadmap tailored for your business today or contact us online to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced business attorneys today!

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