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Businesses of all sizes need to be mindful of the personal data they are collecting, how they are using it, who they are letting access it, and where they are transferring it. With privacy laws constantly changing, it is important to have privacy lawyers to help guide you with respect to compliance, recommended contract amendments, best practices and procedures, and more.

"Meyer Law has taken the time to learn our business, which gives me confidence that we are always receiving practical advice and guidance that is tailored to PandaDoc's particular industry, risk tolerance, and strategy. Our partnership with the Meyer Law team has been particularly valuable helping us navigate the complex and ever-evolving privacy landscape. Although legal issues can be complex and challenging, the team is always professional, sensitive to our deadlines, flexible, and they consistently demonstrate keen legal and business acumen."

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Kelley Boland, CHPC
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Our Privacy Law Practice

Privacy laws are changing at a rapid pace, so as you expand your company to another state or country, it is important to be knowledgeable about the privacy laws in effect and how they can impact your business. Failure to comply with privacy laws may lead to unnecessary exposure, fines, and penalties that could otherwise be avoided. It’s critical to have a knowledgeable privacy and data protection lawyer on your team to help guide you as you expand and grow your business.

From providing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance assistance to expanding scaling technology companies to drafting privacy policies for early-stage tech startups to providing guidance and training regarding data collection practices and procedures to compliance requirements and recommendations with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the privacy lawyers at Meyer Law can help you navigate the way. We can help amend contracts, train your team on best practices, establish processes and procedures to safeguard personal data, and more.

We believe in fee transparency and provide estimates in advance. We provide services on a fixed-fee or hourly basis, and offer various fixed-fee packages for startups, fixed fee packages for scaling companies, general counsel packages and in-house counsel packages.

Privacy law and data protection matters we help our clients with include:

Companies we help with privacy matters:


If you’re launching a startup and trying to figure out what you need from a privacy law perspective, the business lawyers at Meyer Law can help. As you start your business, it’s essential to know the requirements for any relevant privacy laws. Our team has counseled thousands of businesses and can provide the strategic legal guidance and assistance that you need for your business, along with providing insights into best practices with respect to privacy and data protection.

Growing Companies and Small Businesses

As privacy laws change and evolve, it’s important for you to understand how privacy laws impact your growing business. Whether you need to update your customer-facing privacy notice to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act or need help with data mapping for your growing team or you want to educate your team with a training class on privacy laws, we can help.  It’s key to have the right partner to advise you so that you can focus on growing your business.

Mid-Sized Businesses

As you expand and grow your company, it’s important to be aware of privacy laws that impact your business.  Whether you’re expanding to Europe and need General Data Protection Regulation guidance or launching a new product that will alter the way you are collecting, storing, transferring or using personal data or need assistance negotiating a data processing agreement, the business lawyers at Meyer Law can assist.  It’s important as a business to remain up-to-date on privacy laws and having the right legal partner is essential.

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