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Meyer Law helps businesses new and established in a wide range of industries including software, SaaS, mobile, digital technology, fintech, education technology, ad tech, health tech, Internet of Things, hardware, financial services, telecom, social media, real estate, marketing, advertising, consumer goods and healthcare.


We help tech companies
protect their businesses.

Meyer Law offers legal counsel to companies of all sizes across the technology sector and beyond. 

Meyer Law promotes fee transparency and provides legal services on an hourly or fixed-fee basis, and we offer general counsel packages and in-house counsel packages. Whether you need ongoing support from an outsourced general counsel, assistance with a one-time matter, or additional support for your in-house team during leave, the lawyers at Meyer Law can help.

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Our practice areas

Meyer Law offers legal counsel to companies of all sizes across the technology sector and beyond.

We help startupsemerging growth companies and mid-sized companies with corporate lawcontractsemployment,
intellectual propertyfundraising, and privacy matters. We help large corporations with commercial contract negotiations in the United States and abroad, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, creation of playbooks and templates, legal strategy, and more.

Our team has helped and advised thousands of companies on various corporate matters. Whether you’re launching a new business and need help figuring out which type of entity to choose, or you’re raising money and converting from an LLC to a corporation, or you have an established business and need help with international expansion, our corporate lawyers can help.

Our contract lawyers have drafted and negotiated tens of thousands of contracts. Whether you’re a startup and want to make sure you’re protecting your intellectual property in your contract with a developer or you recently received an investment and want to get your business contracts up-to-date prior to scaling or you’re on an in-house legal team at a leading technology company or large corporation and need assistance with various commercial and technology contract negotiations to drive the business forward, our business lawyers can help, with decades of experience drafting and negotiating contracts to help Founders, CEO’s and other company leaders make smart, informed decisions to protect the business.

Our employment lawyers have helped companies with hundreds of employment matters. From helping your business classify its team accurately, to making sure you’re getting the proper documentation in place to protect confidential information and intellectual property of your business, to helping you craft various company policies, to helping you with HR-related issues that arise while growing your team, our employment lawyers can help, counseling and guiding startups, small businesses, growing companies and mid-sized businesses on employment law matters and drafting the documents needed to protect your business.

Our team has helped thousands of companies protect their intellectual property. Whether you love your business name or tag line and want to file a trademark application, or you need a license agreement to license your company intellectual property to a third party, or you want to file for copyright protection for a work you’re creating, the intellectual property lawyers on our team can help. Our business lawyers help companies protect their intellectual property via traditional methods with trademarks and copyrights, as well as through contracts with customers, third-party providers, and partners.

Our business lawyers have assisted and advised thousands of startups, small businesses, growing companies and mid-sized businesses, and also assist investors with due diligence for investments and related documentation for syndicates and funds.  Whether you’re a startup getting ready to raise money and need to ensure the legal aspect of your business is in order, or you’re an investor and need help with due diligence and related documents for an investment, or you’re a serial entrepreneur and have investors lined up and need help preparing the appropriate documentation, the corporate and securities lawyers at Meyer Law can help.  Our business lawyers help investors and companies with fundraising rounds of every kind, including a small friends and family round, seed round, Series A and beyond.  

Our team has helped counsel and advise thousands of companies. Whether you’re launching a new startup and don’t know what you need from a privacy law standpoint, or you’re expanding your company and unsure how privacy laws impact your business, or you want to train your team on the latest with respect to privacy laws and the handling of personal data as you grow your business, the privacy lawyers at Meyer Law can help you navigate the complex regulations behind privacy and data protection in the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and more. With the privacy laws changing at a rapid pace, it’s important to stay up-to-date and ensure your company is in compliance with applicable privacy laws to avoid unnecessary exposure, fines, and penalties.

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