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The business attorneys at Meyer Law are proud to serve  companies of all types and sizes in Los Angeles, ranging  from startups and small businesses, to established Fortune 500 corporations. With so many young, innovative minds based in Los Angeles, there’s no end in sight to the game-changing businesses coming out of Southern California.

All businesses need sound legal advice in order to succeed. If you’re looking for a business lawyer in Los Angeles, the team at Meyer Law has decades of experience helping businesses of all sizes with day-to-day matters, are incredibly responsive and promote fee transparency.

The lawyers at Meyer Law are trusted legal advisors for businesses in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and beyond!

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Not sure what legal services you need for your business in LA? Request a complimentary roadmap and Meyer Law will provide you with a list and descriptions of some of the things you should consider as you grow your business. Here’s what we offer:

  • Contracts: Whether you need a beta agreement to have users test your new app or need a customer agreement for your SaaS product, we can counsel you on the best structure and tailor a contract specific to your situation and provide counsel on best practices.
  • Intellectual Property: Prepare and file trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, copyrights, assignment agreements, royalty agreements, cease and desist letters, and more.
  • Entity Structure: We’ll explain entity options, such as corporations and LLCs, pros and cons, and related requirements, and we can provide guidance around equity and stock grants and best practices.
  • Fundraising: If you’re thinking about raising money for your startup, we can provide guidance on investment structures, perform due diligence, and provide best practices when looking for investment.
  • Data Security and PrivacyOur team can provide guidance on the ever-changing privacy laws with respect to privacy and data protection compliance with various privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation and California Consumer Privacy Act. We can recommend contract amendments, best practices and procedures, and more.
  • EmploymentWe can draft offer letters, non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, employee handbooks, policies, procedures, and more.
  • Startup Packages: We offer various fixed-fee packages for startups, such as the Digital Startup Package, which includes a terms of service and privacy policy for your digital startup, or the Intellectual Property Package to help you ensure you’re doing what you should be to protect your intellectual property.
  • General Counsel Packages: For businesses that need support more often, we offer general counsel packages tailored specifically to your needs to assist with day-to-day legal matters, strategy, and more for a specific number of hours each month.

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Legal Services for Emerging Growth Businesses in Los Angeles

As your business grows, it’s important to avoid making unnecessary mistakes and have legal counsel that you can rely on. Meyer Law provides the following services to emerging growth companies and small businesses in Los Angeles:

  • Corporate Risk Assessment: We provide legal audits of corporate documents to help you determine what might be missing and strategize for future growth.
  • Hiring Contract Audit: We review existing employment-related agreements such as offer letters, employment agreements, and non-disclosure agreements and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Contract Audit: We review customer, supplier, referral, and reseller templates and make recommendations to improve wording, structure, and efficiencies.
  • Intellectual property: We assess the intellectual property protections you have in place and recommend improvements that could help protect your company.
  • Fundraising: We can help you get the legal side of your business in order before you start looking for investors by reviewing your corporate records and contracts, assessing your intellectual property protection, and more.
  • Privacy: We can help you determine what your company needs to do to comply with various data security and privacy laws.
  • Emerging Growth Packages: We offer various fixed-fee packages for emerging growth companies, such as the Contract Risk Assessment Package to review your contracts for efficiencies, protections, inconsistencies, recommendations, and more, or the Fundraising Assessment Package so that you can make sure your business is in order before you get investments.
  • General Counsel Packages: For scaling companies that need day-to-day support, we offer general counsel packages tailored to your needs for a specific number of hours each month to assist with negotiations, operations, strategy, and more.

Legal Services for Mid-Sized Businesses in Los Angeles

Mid-sized businesses need consistent legal support. Our legal team has decades of experience helping companies with corporate, contracts, intellectual property, employment, fundraising, and privacy matters in the following ways:
  • Business Audit: Find out where your business stands with a legal review of your contracts, policies, and processes. We’ll review, make recommendations, and discuss best practices.
  • Playbooks: Make sure the business and legal are aligned with playbooks and establish a standard response and language to regularly negotiated provisions.
  • General Counsel Packages: For mid-sized companies that don’t have a general counsel, the team at Meyer Law can act as your outsourced general counsel on demand for a specific number of hours each month, helping with day-to-day support, negotiations, operations, strategy, and more.
  • In-House Counsel Packages: For mid-sized companies that have a general counsel and small legal team, we can assist on demand with contract negotiations, due diligence, employment matters, and more to help move the business forward faster, either on a project-by-project basis or ongoing for a specific number of hours per month.

Meyer Law has decades of experience providing legal counsel to mid-sized businesses all across the United States. Schedule a consultation today to get started!

Legal Services for Large Corporations in Los Angeles

Our years of experience working with big companies make us the ideal partner for in-house legal teams. We’ll help move the business forward with these services:

  • Contracts: We negotiate commercial contracts, vendor agreements, customer agreements, service contracts, and much more. We have negotiated contracts on behalf of and against some of the largest companies in the world, such as IBM, Google, Reliance Globalcom, Pivotal, HP, Comcast, and many others.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Due Diligence: We can help perform due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, advise on risks, and draft related transaction documents.
  • Playbooks: We can develop a playbook to ensure the business and legal are aligned and draft standard responses and language to provisions that are regularly negotiated to promote efficiency and uniformity across the company.
  • Strategy Services: We can audit your existing processes to ensure your legal department is as efficient as possible.
  • In-House Counsel Packages: Large corporations often have big in-house legal teams but don’t have the bandwidth to work on everything needed to keep up with the pace of the business. Our team has decades of experience helping in-house teams at large corporations on a project-by-project basis or on a recurring basis with our in-house counsel packages with contract negotiations in the U.S. and abroad, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, drafting templates and playbooks, and more.

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