Meyer Law’s unique philosophy and partnership approach sets us apart. Our business-minded lawyers have extensive experience helping technology companies, are incredibly responsive and relationship driven. 

Here’s how we’re different.

1. We're Your Business-Minded Legal Partners.

As a leader in the next generation of law firms, we’re paving the way for the future of law firms. Entrepreneurial-minded and tech savvy, we think along the same lines as our clients, which allows us to offer thoughtful advice so you can make informed, real world decisions. Think of us as your partner. Meyer Law’s distinct approach also means we’re able to attract and retain top talent through smart practices that emphasis on relationships and individuals. Our clients, in turn, get to work with smart, experienced, happy lawyers.

2. We're Transparent and Informative.

Meyer Law’s philosophy is to be upfront about costs and keep clients informed throughout the relationship. For startups and established businesses, that helps create budgeting certainty. We also set thresholds and inform clients as they approach allotted monthly budgets, something businesses of all sizes appreciate.

3. We're Tech Savvy, Efficient and Relationship Driven

With offices in Chicago and Denver and utilizing the latest technology, we have the flexibility to work smarter and more efficiently, from wherever we are needed. Our lawyers work in pairs so that you have the coverage you need when you need it. We have lower overhead costs than most law firms and pass the savings on to our clients. We put a premium on our clients and their needs rather than our billable hours. We’re focused on helping you build your business, not our corner offices.