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Meyer Law is proud to have advised and mentored thousands of technology companies across the United States.

Our Los Angeles Legal Services

Los Angeles is known for being the home of the entertainment industry, but in recent years, it has also become a hub of technology and innovation with an abundance of incubators and accelerators and a flourishing technology community. With Amplify backing some of LA’s most promising startups to LaunchPad LA, the top accelerator in Southern California, Los Angeles is home to the third largest startup ecosystem behind San Francisco and New York

Established in 2010 in Chicago, with additional offices in Denver and Los Angeles, the team at Meyer Law has advised hundreds of businesses of all sizes from startups to emerging growth companies to mid-sized businesses to large corporations and mentored thousands at incubators and accelerators across the United States, including 1871, WeWork Labs and Techstars. Our team has decades of experience counseling businesses on corporate structure, commercial contracts, protection of intellectual property, employment matters, privacy and data protection and fundraising. Whether you’re the CEO of a startup or a COO of a SaaS company or in-house at a large corporation, our team is incredibly responsive and can help move the business forward. Our years of experience working with large corporations combined with our passion for entrepreneurship and helping scaling technology companies make us an ideal partner for small companies to mid-sized businesses to large corporations alike.

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LA Legal Counsel for Startups & Emerging Growth Companies

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges and risks involved with growing a business. Our business lawyers understand how complex and involved bringing on a new partner or scaling a company can be. We can also relate to the excitement of hiring a developer to bring your mobile application or product to life, onboarding new employees, and bringing on new clients. As you launch and scale your business, you’ll find that you’ll work harder than ever, so it will be important to have a law firm to partner with as you start up and grow.

Whatever stage your company is in, our lawyers can help. We offer guidance and consultation on everything you should have in place pre- and post-launch, and we can guide you on a firm path to help you reach your next milestone. Our clients appreciate our experience within the technology industry, the speed at which we move, and our fee transparency. We offer flexible fee arrangements, including hourly and fixed-fee packages for startups and emerging growth companies, as well as general counsel packages.

Los Angeles has a booming ecosystem and is home to some of the biggest names in business. As a result, LA offers endless opportunities for business and talent, as well as top-notch social events that attract industry leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the country and world.

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Law Firm for Mid-Sized Technology Companies in Los Angeles

Our team advises scaling technology companies on day-to-day matters, such as client contracts and vendor contracts, to counsel on privacy compliance for international expansion to assisting with employment issues as they arise to due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. We have helped hundreds of technology companies streamline legal processes and procedures, create templates tailored to their business, and can act as your outsourced general counsel on demand. For mid-sized companies that have a small legal team, we can assist at times of need, such as quarter-end, vacation, parental leave, and more.

We help on a case-by-case basis, with a general counsel package or do a legal audit and review of your legal documents to determine what you have, what you need, recommendations for improvements, and more. Our mid-sized clients appreciate our knowledge in the technology industry, responsiveness, and partnership approach.

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Legal Counsel for Large Corporations

Our team has years of experience working with in-house counsel at large corporations with matters ranging from leading commercial contract negotiations including procurement, customer, licensing, marketing, strategic partnerships, and more. With our years of experience negotiating on behalf of and against some of the largest companies in the world, our lawyers are equipped to come up with creative solutions to close deals and move the business forward more quickly.

We help in-house legal teams on an hourly basis, fixed fee or with an In-House Counsel Package. Our fee transparency, speed, and experience make Meyer Law an ideal partner.

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