Meyer Law is proud to have advised and mentored thousands of technology companies in Chicago and throughout the United States.

Our Chicago Legal Services

Chicago, home to three million residents, has the fifth largest and the 11th fastest-growing technology market in the country. It’s home to some of the oldest and most well-established tech companies, as well as one of the first places in the country to offer such a rich startup ecosystem.

This amazing city is bustling with innovative startups, new ideas, as well as tried and true companies who have stood the test of time.  There are few other places that hold the rich complexity of company culture and society than this remarkable place.

Meyer Law has served the Chicago market, as well as internationally and across all 50 states, since 2010. With a full staff of attorneys, we assist companies of all sizes. We help Fortune 500 companies negotiate contracts and maintain and protect their intellectual property, as well as work with entrepreneurs just starting out with a new great idea.

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Chicago Startup Attorneys

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges and risks involved with growing a business. We know the complexities associated with bringing on a new partner or engaging a new contractor. We know the excitement experienced when onboarding a new client, hiring your first employee, and receiving your first term sheet.

Whatever stage of a startup you are in, we are here for you. We offer guidance and consultation on everything you should have in place pre- and post-launch, as well as guide you on a firm path to help you reach your next milestone.

Chicago is home to many of the nation’s most popular startup and technology ecosystems. These environments not only provide shared workspaces, but they also offer venues for various educational, professional, and social events that attract industry leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the country and world. Our law firm offers abundant support and services at these spaces.

With offices in Chicago and Denver, utilizing the latest technology, we have the flexibility to work smarter and more efficiently. Since we have lower overhead costs than most law firms, we then pass the savings onto our clients.

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Monthly, you can find us at least at one of these locations:


Often hard at work in these tech hubs, below is a more detailed list of the kinds of assistance we offer at these dynamic locations:

  • E-office hours: Providing efficient and convenient access to legal advisors monthly, these hours are broken up into 20-30 minute appointments. You are connected one-on-one with one of our attorneys. In these sessions, we get a good sense of your business, what you need, and how to get you where you want to go.
  • Webinars: These talks allow for anyone and everyone to glean invaluable legal information that is relevant to your business. They give participants the chance to ask questions, learn about specific parts of law that apply to them, and widen their understanding of important topics covering areas of their business.
  • Workshops: Unsure where to start? We offer over 50 workshops a year, covering a full range of material. These sessions not only inform you of crucial information, but they also allow networking opportunities to meet people just like you. Each discussion is led by one of our staff attorneys allowing you time to ask questions and get a taste of who we are and what we do.
  • Events: Our attorneys frequently speak at local events on an array of legal topics. Our calendar is available on our site to find happenings of interest to you and your business. Events span from meet-and-greets to seminars to panel discussions, as well as a full list of our workshops. These events are a great way to get involved, stay savvy, learn what you need, and find out what you don’t.
  • Mentorship: One of our most valuable community outreach services. We proudly mentor early-stage companies that have been accepted into accelerators such as WiSTEM, as well as offer virtual mentorship to members of Entrepreneurs Organization and Future Founders. We mentor leadership at various medium to large size companies. Frequently, we are invited to host workshops or sit on a panel at annual entrepreneurial and tech conferences such as:

•  TechWeek
•  Startup Law Summit
•  Entrepreneurs Unpluggd

We also mentor first time and experienced entrepreneurs and teams that participate in Techstars Startup Weekends held throughout Chicago and calendar year.

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Don’t know where to begin?

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We started small and understand what it takes to grow. We enjoy sharing relevant content, leading discussions, and offering advice.  At the end of the day, however, what we truly enjoy—is watching innovative companies succeed.

Beyond the legal services we provide, a way in which we support innovation. is through community building. We believe that forging strong relationships and connecting organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs to one another, not only strengthens the community, it accelerates the path to success.

When connections are made, collaboration and new ideas can emerge – this is our way of supporting innovation.


The Chicago area has been a boon of technology and entrepreneurial leadership. The culture is perfectly suited for new ideas, as well as the reaffirmation of solid business ideas, models, and structures. We are proud to call Chicago the place where it all began.

Get started today.  Join the community. Educate. Connect. Learn. Grow.

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