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What Are The Risks Of A Convertible Note From The Investor’s Perspective?


Convertible notes are a type of debt financing that converts into equity in the future. While they can be an attractive option for startups, there are some risks associated with them from the investor’s perspective. Here are a few worth noting:

The company may not be able to raise the additional funds necessary to convert the debt into equity. This could leave the investor with a debt that can’t be repaid.

The note may convert into equity at a lower valuation than the investor was expecting. This means that the investor may end up with fewer shares than they were expecting, or that the shares may be worth less than they anticipated.

The company may not be able to reach the valuation necessary to convert the debt into equity. This could leave the investor with a debt that is worth less than the original investment.

Finally, convertible notes can be difficult to value, which can lead to a lack of liquidity. This means that the investor may not be able to sell the debt if they need too.

Overall, convertible notes can be a great option for startups, but it’s important to understand the risks associated with them before investing.

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