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Take Five With Trish: 5 Tips To Save You Time Every Day!

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(In this article Trish gives you 5 time-saving tips to help you get the most out of every day! For other important business tips,  check out this article about getting your business on the path to success in 2022!)

I am often asked how I find the time to do all I do – managing attorney of a busy law firm, helping thousands of clients with thousands of matters each year, a mom to six kids ranging in age from 4-13, and I recently launched a new baby product business.  

How do I do it all? The key is how I approach time management. In this article I will share with you the five time-saving tips you can start doing right now to save you time, stay focused, and get the most out of your work day!

1) Delegate the things you can. Your time should be focused on those things that you simply cannot delegate. Everything else should be handled by someone else.

Create processes for administrative and operational tasks, and train your  team to perform them. You should  also document these processes so they can easily be handed off to multiple people. Teamwork makes the dream work!

2) Stay in your lane. Once you delegate a task, as much as you may want to from time to time, do not do that task. Your to-do list is likely quite long with the things that you absolutely cannot delegate, so spend your  time on those tasks, rather than on something you asked someone else to handle. 

3) Get organized and stay organized. Getting organized is crucial to managing your time. It is important to develop an organizing process that makes sense for your business.

Sometimes the challenge is staying organized when things are moving quickly, or multiple people are involved. With a well-thought-out process, and diligence, you can stay organized even in the most hectic of times.

 4) Plan a manageable calendar and stick to it. While you may run into an emergency every now and then, and have to shift things around, your goal should be to plan out your calendar and stick to it!

As an example, I not only block time on my calendar for meetings, but also for getting client work done, creating content, and, on some days, I even leave extra slots open to help with client emergencies or work on my mile-long to-do list.

It’s important to make sure your calendar is manageable for your current situation. For years, I scheduled 12-15 meetings every day, and did client work at night! Now, that won’t work for me, so I block time on my calendar to get things done, and make sure they get done at that time.

5) Don’t strive for perfection. Nothing is perfect, so don’t stress about getting it right the first time. Figure out what works for your schedule and life right now, and then re-assess and change things up as needed.

It is important to know that some days you won’t miss a beat and others you may run into roadblocks – it’s to be expected, so go with the flow! Give yourself grace and don’t be hard on yourself. Tomorrow is another day!

We all want more time, but never have enough, so it’s important not to waste it. I hope these five time-saving tips will help you maximize productivity, and allow you to make the most out of the time you do have every single day!


Tricia Meyer 301

Tricia Meyer is Founder + Managing Attorney of Meyer Law, one of the fastest growing law firms in the United States. Meyer helps entrepreneurs and technology companies from startups to large corporations with day-to-day matters and notable clients include companies that have appeared on Shark Tank to companies gracing the Inc. 500 to some of the largest companies in the world.

Tricia has been named on the Forbes Next 1000 list, is one of the Most Influential Female Lawyers in Chicago according to Crain’s Chicago Business and been recognized as a top 10 technology lawyer.

As an entrepreneur and a lawyer, Meyer has a unique perspective and has mentored thousands of startups and scaling companies at tech incubators and accelerators across the United States such as 1871, WeWork Labs and Techstars. Tricia has been featured in Inc., Crain’s, Chicago Tribune, NBC Chicago, American Express OPEN Forum, and more. Learn more at and follow Meyer Law’s story on Instagram @loveyourlawyer.