Founder’s Friday featuring Sue Mulligan @ Agile Advisors

Sue Mulligan

Please provide a brief description about your company.

We are an outsourced accounting firm which provides senior accountants and CFOs primarily to venture-backed companies.

Two hashtags that best describe you (i.e.: #driven, #fierce, #mom, #dad, #roadblockcrusher, etc.)

#mom #girlboss

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I’m on the tail end of raising 5 kids who are becoming successful adults.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

The aforementioned 5 kids in a room together actually getting along.

Whom do you most admire?

My mom. She’s had a very difficult life but still thinks she has had a blessed life and has devoted it to taking care of others.

What is your most marked characteristic?


What advice would you give to yourself at 25 years old?

Life is not perfect, there will be several unplanned obstacles and unexpected joys