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Founder’s Friday featuring Michelle Mekky @ Mekky Media Relations Inc.


We are an award-winning boutique PR agency providing strategy and media relations to a variety of clients in many different verticals.

Two hashtags that best describe you.
#warrior #authentic

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Starting a business from nothing! It was me and my laptop at my dining room table and a whole hell of a lot of determination.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Complete peace on a gorgeous beach

What is your greatest fear?
Huge drops on airplanes and bees

Whom do you most admire?
Oprah and Jennifer Lopez

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Stop overthinking things that bother me. I tend to relive it over and over again instead of letting go and moving on.

What are your top tips for balancing work and life?
I now protect my personal time more than ever. I used to work non stop and realized I have suffered and sacrificed greatly because of this. Create a morning routine that is just for you – meditate, listen to gentle music, drink coffee, read or go to the gym. Always schedule time in for yourself and every two hours remind yourself to breathe.

What is something new that you learned about running a business this year?
Resiliency is key during tough times. Even though I was very concerned when the pandemic hit, being able to go beyond scope and handle any needs our clients had helped us shine in the end.

What is your most marked characteristic?
My laugh is loud and very recognizable. I would also say my smile.

What is your greatest regret?
Not having confidence as a child and not pursuing my initial dream of being in front of the camera. I am definitely proud of my career and the twists and turns but regret being afraid to pursue my dreams early on.

What is your motto?
Every Day is a New Day! This helps me get over stress or mistakes and move on!

What is a legal mistake you wish someone warned you about?
That picking the right attorney is key to having a successful business. I made mistakes early on and it cost me dearly.

When running your business, what do you struggle with most?
Learning to delegate and elevate myself above the day-to-day. It took four years to get there but I finally feel that I have found my groove and we have a well-oiled machine. It is wonderful!

What advice would you give to yourself at 25 years old?
Never stop doing what you love. Money is not the answer to everything even though you think it is. Find your passion, listen to your gut and don’t doubt it ever.

Tricia Meyer 301

Tricia Meyer is Founder + Managing Attorney of Meyer Law, one of the fastest growing law firms in the United States. Meyer helps entrepreneurs and technology companies from startups to large corporations with day-to-day matters and notable clients include companies that have appeared on Shark Tank to companies gracing the Inc. 500 to some of the largest companies in the world.

Tricia has been named on the Forbes Next 1000 list, is one of the Most Influential Female Lawyers in Chicago according to Crain’s Chicago Business and been recognized as a top 10 technology lawyer.

As an entrepreneur and a lawyer, Meyer has a unique perspective and has mentored thousands of startups and scaling companies at tech incubators and accelerators across the United States such as 1871, WeWork Labs and Techstars. Tricia has been featured in Inc., Crain’s, Chicago Tribune, NBC Chicago, American Express OPEN Forum, and more. Learn more at and follow Meyer Law’s story on Instagram @loveyourlawyer.