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Client Highlight: Rockies Venture Fund


Meet Rockies Venture Fund

Rockies Venture Fund is a Venture Capital Fund supporting high growth early stage companies with disruptive innovation and clear pathways to executing an exit strategy. Rockies Venture Fund invests in companies in technology, healthcare, and life sciences.

Rockies Venture Fund Acknowledgments:

  • The longest-running and one of the largest angel investing groups in the U.S.A.
  • Awarded $470,000 to expand angel investors by the Colorado Office of Economic in 2019
  • Offers over 140 educational programs, mastermind groups, angel investor forums, and two major conferences for both investors and entrepreneurs.


The team at Meyer Law has helped Rockies Venture Fund with 20+ Matters including…

  • Assisted in drafting employment-related documents such as letters for leave of absence and termination, including severance agreements, to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Provided legal counsel by issuing cease and desist letters to protect against infringement.
  • Structured a Venture Partner Agreement and a General Partner Limited Liability Company (GP LLC) Agreement to govern the relationship between partners.
  • Provided assistance with entity setup to establish the legal framework necessary for the Fund’s operations.
  • Facilitated the establishment of a limited partnership through drafting a comprehensive Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA) and accompanying documentation such as the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and Executive Summary, ensuring compliance with relevant securities laws.
  • Crafted a Subscription Agreement for investors interested in participating in the fund.
  • Drafted a comprehensive license agreement to govern the use of their proprietary assets.
  • Conducted trademark research and registration to help strengthen intellectual property rights.


What Rockies Venture Fund has to Say About Working with Meyer Law

“Meyer Law has been a great legal resource for us, sometimes pointing out gaps in our documents that other attorneys had missed!” – Founder, Rockies Venture Fund

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