Case Study: an “Inc. 500” software and consulting company helping its enterprise customers grow - Meyer Law

The Client:

An “Inc. 500”, scaling software and consulting company helping its enterprise customers grow

The Story:

We were introduced by a common connection that thought we could help each other. We hit it off at our first coffee meeting.

She was co-founding a new business and soon after that first meeting, we received a call that she wanted us to help her with the contracts for her new business.

We were elated and signed the company on as a client.

The Results:

The company went on to grow rapidly over the following three-year period during which time we helped the client with 45+ matters including:

  • establishing an efficient contract process and drafting related master services agreement + statements of work.
  • drafting a contract playbook for the sales team to ensure the sales team understands the importance of the contract terms and protection of confidential information and intellectual property.
  • drafting a legal playbook for contracts and alternate provisions to ensure uniformity in contract negotiations and provide clear guidance around internal escalation procedures.
  • assisting client with Safe Harbor Certification.
  • helping protect their intellectual property by preparing + filing trademark applications for their logo + tagline.
  • negotiating leases for the company’s expansion and growing team.
  • assisting client with compliance with the EU-US Privacy Shield framework, and amendment to existing contracts to ensure compliance when transferring personal data between countries.
  • assessing existing contracts with third party partners for recommended updates.
  • drafting a short-form customer contract to fast-track negotiations with less risk.
  • assisting the company with ongoing negotiations with its enterprise customers, including complex terms related to ownership of intellectual property and licensing.

The Accolade:

“Meyer Law has helped our growing company adapt to an increasingly complex business environment.  The Meyer Law team brings a critical eye to our contracts and are super responsive and easy to communicate with.  We rely on Meyer Law to clear roadblocks and move our deals along.  It is always a pleasure to work with them!”

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