Case Study: Software-as-a-Service FinTech company - Meyer Law

The Client:

A B2B and B2C Software-as-a-Service, FinTech Company

(Thanks to 1871 Chicago)

The Story:

This is the story of the client that almost wasn’t a client!
We had a great first meeting at 1871 Chicago. Or, so I thought.

We followed up a few weeks after we first met and received the unfortunate news that they had chosen to work with another law firm. We wished them well on their business journey!

One year later, we received an email asking if we’d take them on as a client because they were less than pleased with their current representation. Of course, we were thrilled they reached out, and obliged.

The Results:

In three years we have helped this fast-growing, Fintech company with 75+ matters including:

  • Laying the legal foundation of their business by helping them establish an LLC, advisory board agreements + an operating agreement.
  • Helping them protect their business while growing their team by drafting independent contractor agreements, employment agreements + an employee handbook.
  • Establishing an efficient legal + sales process and drafting related customer agreements, including terms of service for end users, enterprise master agreement + service level agreement.
  • Converting from an LLC to a corporation + drafting of a complex agreement + related documents in preparation for investment.
  • Drafting restricted stock + related agreements to allow the company to offer key members of the team equity in exchange for services.
  • Conducting due diligence + drafting + negotiating investment-related documents for a seven-figure investment, including a purchase agreement + complex shareholder agreement with multiple classes, voting thresholds and a unique intellectual property licensing arrangement.
  • Assisting company with increasing its revenues by drafting a referral agreement for strategic partner relationships with large corporations.
  • Assisting the company with establishing good practices with its users by drafting a privacy policy to explain to its users how it is they are using the sensitive information they collect.
  • Drafting documents related to a strategic acquisition + conducting due diligence on the company being acquired.
  • Helping protect their intellectual property by preparing + filing trademark applications for their logo + tagline.
Enterprise Saas Case Study