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How to Pitch Investors with Success Every Time

This guest post on how to create a successful pitch to potential investors is from our friends at Brand Iron.

Brand Iron has years of experience creating results for businesses in myriad industries. Our marketing strategies have propelled our clients and their visions into reality, proving Brand Iron’s techniques are ironclad. One game changer in our overall success is that we know how to pitch to investors correctly.

Brand Iron’s eight keys to success to gain attention, get people to engage with your company, and compel investors to take action on the capital raise deck and campaign are below.

When you pitch to investors, a relatable story is essential. 

Your company’s brand story, message, and position in the marketplace do matter. However, be aware that random facts jumbled together don’t tell a compelling story, so you must ensure your pitch to investors leaves a mark. People long to hear a great story with realistic financial plans and presented with a shiny bow on top.

Communicate your company’s value points, differentiators, and what makes you better than the competition. 

But, of course, your company’s value proposition is also an essential part of this package. So when you pitch to investors, we highly recommend identifying 4 – 6 value points that are genuinely different and unique to you—then package those into nice and tight value points that resonate with the target audience.

Share a powerful financial story. 

Merely adding spreadsheets and highlighted lines into presentations is not enough. In addition, spreadsheets are difficult to utilize to tell stories when pitching to investors. Good financial reports include a detailed explanation of your revenueEBITDA, and enterprise value. Highlighted charts and graphs showing vital financial data instead of dull spreadsheets will be most appealing.

Visual appeal is a crucial component of telling a great story.

Make it dynamic, with significant design elements that support your brand story. When you pitch to investors, it’s essential to utilize infographics, charts, graphs, and great graphic design to show your account in a visually appealing way. This step is critical to your success.

Make your pitch to investors clear and concise. 

Keep it to under 20 slides–great pitches should grab someone’s attention within the first 5 -10 minutes. You stand a great chance of losing their attention and investment if the presentation is longer. So keep it snappy and engaging right out of the gate. It keeps them asking for more.

Selling your team is a crucial component!

When pitching to potential investors, it’s not just about selling your idea, concept, or model but also selling the team that will make your venture become a reality. You can have the most incredible model or concept, but you have to have a great team in place with the experience to pull off your plan. There’s a good chance you won’t get the capital needed. Making sure to have a team that can execute the project and produces the desired return on your investor’s capital is critical.

Tell the potential clients your needs as well. 

Whether you put the ask at the beginning of your presentation or the end, tell them what’s needed. Also, what they will get in return for their investment. When setting up your pitch to investors, you also need to add your plan for the investment dollars. For example, what the acquisition will allow you to do, i.e., invest that capital to improve the business or property that will enable you to grow and produce an attractive return on investment of x.

You must be passionate about your company’s brand and theirs. 

When pitching your ideas to investors, they want to see a CEO and his team that not only believes but are committed to making this dream a reality. We call this person or group of people Brand Champions. Brand Champions develop the vision, create the team and drive the execution of the plan, turning visions into reality.

Follow these steps in your capital raise deck, and you will succeed with investors.

Remember that knowing how to pitch to investors is key to your success. Be sure to tell a relatable story while communicating your company’s value points, differentiators, and what makes you better than the competition. In addition, include a powerful financial story with visual appeal, keep it clear and concise, and let them know what you need from them in return. Finally, remember that the team that is backing you is a critical component, so come at them with passion and confidence with your brand and your excitement about their ideas.

Brand Iron is passionate about helping businesses pitch their brands to investors! Learn more about Brand Iron here!

If you are seeking investors to raise money for your business, it is important to have an experienced legal team by your side! You must be well-prepared and start to prepare early! The highly experienced business lawyers at Meyer Law will guide you through the process, and help make sure you are ready to make that perfect pitch to potential investors! Reach out to us today!

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