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We love helping entrepreneurs and technology companies. It’s that simple. Each year, we mentor hundreds of companies, host 30+ workshops and meet with 100+ companies during office hours, and we’re a longtime supporter and sponsor of Startup Weekend. Check out the resources below to help you launch and scale your startup.


You don’t know where to start? No problem! Request a roadmap so that we can learn more about your business. We’ll explain what you need, why you need it and when you need it so that you can ensure the legal aspects of your business are in order.


As a startup, we understand the need for speed and transparency. Purchase packages online for your startup on your time to help ensure you’re starting your business on a firm legal foundation.


If you’re scaling your company, it’s important to make sure that everything is in line from a legal standpoint. We offer various fixed-fee assessments to help you make sure that you’re best protecting your business as you scale and grow.


We are offering e-office hours to three lucky businesses each month!  Sign up to talk with one of our lawyers about your business for 30 minutes and we’ll prepare a roadmap explaining what you need and recommend next steps.


We host monthly webinars on key founder topics such as founder’s agreements, fundraising, contracts, protection of intellectual property and hiring.

Our next Webinar is on 6/14/18: “Scaling Smart: Growth Tips to Take your Company to the Next Level”


Our founder, Tricia Meyer, chats with the brightest, most dynamic entrepreneurs in this series that will inspire you to take the risks necessary to turn your passion into a reality.

  • S3:E5 You must believe in yourself!  Ryan Fischer, Founder of 20 Spokes
  • S3:E6 Finding the right legal and team is important!  Michelle Blakely, Founder of See Jake and Jane Train
  • S3:E7 Who you want on your team to build your business is critical. Harry Thakkar, Partner of Avatria
  • S3:E8 Don’t ever start a job w/out a legal contract in place. Kristi Zuhlke, Co Founder of KnowledgeHound
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Get the latest news, tips and best practices for your startup or emerging growth company on our blog to help you protect your business and succeed!


Our founder, Tricia Meyer, shares tips on how she balances being a mom of five young kids with building a business, and the importance of finding your passion to pave the way to your success.