Case Study: fast-growing, multi-million dollar, international technology company - Meyer Law

The Client:

A fast-growing, Silicon Valley technology company

The Story:

A former client joined a tech company in San Francisco and because he was so thrilled with the services we had provided in the past, he wanted us to help him with the new company he had joined.

We enthusiastically agreed.

The Results:

In only six months we have helped this fast-growing, Silicon Valley technology company with the following:

  • legal audit of the company’s employment documents, including its offer letter, employment agreement and employee handbook and offered recommendations for updates.
  • assisting company with increasing its revenues by drafting a referral agreement for strategic partner relationships.
  • establishing an efficient contract process and drafting related customer agreements, including terms of use for end users and an enterprise master agreement + statements of work.
  • drafting a complex sales commission plan to incentivize the sales team and grow the business more quickly.
  • assisting the company with ongoing negotiations with its customers to quickly and efficiently close deals.
  • negotiating an international strategic partnership agreement, aiding the company in further expanding its relationships overseas.
  • assisting the company with establishing good practices with its users by drafting a privacy policy to explain to its users how it is they are using the information they collect.
  • assisting client with compliance with the EU-US Privacy Shield framework, and amendment to existing contracts to ensure compliance when transferring personal data between countries.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, including drafting necessary data processing agreements, related policies and procedures and bolstering existing contracts as it relates to confidentiality and data protection.

The Accolade:

“Meyer Law’s lawyers are a refreshing change from the lawyers we have worked with in the past. Not only are they responsive, fast and shar legal minds, but they also take a genuine and tangible interest in the growth and success of our company.”

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