Case Study: An enterprise Software-as-a-Service company looking for an attorney to help clean up a mess from a prior attorney - Meyer Law

The Client:

An enterprise Software-as-a-Service company looking for an attorney to help clean up a mess from a prior attorney

The Story:

We were sitting in that first meeting listening to a potential client tell us what we hear way too often, unfortunately.

Their lawyer failed to make required company filings and they needed help cleaning up the thousands of dollars worth of damage it caused.

We explained how we could help and they hired us.

The Results:

We went on to help them not only clean up the filings and related fines, but also help the company get into a position to secure multiple rounds of investment, helping the company with 30+ matters over a three year period including:

  • helping the company clean up it’s filings + corporate-related documents.
  • preparing + filing state foreign qualifications, as necessary, to ensure the company is complying with various state requirements.
  • drafting a shareholder agreement to ensure important terms such as roles, responsibilities, transfer rights, valuation method + voting thresholds are agreed to by the shareholders.
  • establishing an efficient contract process and drafting related customer agreements, including terms of use for end users, an enterprise master software as a service agreement + service level agreement.
  • assisting the company with establishing good practices with its users by drafting a privacy policy to explain to its users how it is they are using the information they collect.
  • assisting the company with drafting + negotiating a term sheet + convertible note.
  • negotiation of legal documents required for the company to join an accelerator to fast-track its success.
  • assisting company with increasing its revenues by drafting a referral agreement for strategic partner relationships.
  • assisting the company with hiring hardships, including termination letters and severance and release agreements.
  • drafting + negotiating documents related to a seven-figure investment, including a purchase agreement + a complex shareholder agreement with multiple classes + voting thresholds.

The Accolade:

“The Meyer Law team have been a pleasure to work with and they consistently produce top-notch work! After bad experiences with prior legal counsel, Meyer Law was able to step in and right the ship for us. They are very proficient and we highly recommend them.”

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