Case Study: a multi-billion dollar, B2B and B2C financial services company - Meyer Law

The Client:

A multi-billion dollar, B2B and B2C financial services company

The Story:

I reached out to a connection to see if their legal department needed additional contract negotiation support.

They did need the additional support and became a client!

The Results:

Over a 5-year period we helped the company with over 200 contract negotiations including:

  • Drafting various contract templates, including Software as a Service Agreement and Consulting Services Agreement to streamline the negotiation process and lessen the negotiation cycle time.
  • Leading customer conference calls to successfully finalize contracts.
  • Coordinating efforts, feedback and approvals between the business and legal.
  • Negotiating marketing agreements to enable the company to strategically and successfully engage with its clients.
  • Negotiating international contracts and licensing agreements with strategic partners to expand brand adoption and awareness
  • Negotiating technology-related agreements to enable the company to leverage various software-as-a-service, software, hardware and other technology.

The Accolade:

“I have had the opportunity to work with Meyer Law on numerous international and domestic transactions. Their work product is excellent and always done in an efficient and timely manner. Most importantly, the lawyers at Meyer Law possess a sophisticated legal process which enables them to provide added insight and solutions to the matters that they are working on with our company.”

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